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Medical Billing Services

Reliable is dedicated to delivering professional medical billing and consulting services that optimize the entire medical billing process to increase cash flow to your practice. Reliable Practice Consultants Corp. was founded by Angela M. Murphy in 2007. She created the company to fill the need for competent, skilled, proficient, and reliable medical billing. We customize a plan that is suitable for your Medical Practice, offering solutions that you require. She holds a Bachelor Degree from DePaul University. Angela and her management team are CPC's Certified Professional Coders credentialed by the American Academy of Professional Coders.

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Reliable We Tailor OurConsulting

At Reliable, we tailor our consulting services to meet your individual needs. From broad business goals such as gaining financial efficiency and improving cash flow to setting up specific procedures for your practice, we do it all. Many clients find value in our employee plans which cover all aspects from training and management to replacement and transition. We also offer more niche services such as reimbursement analysis reporting, aging assessments, and legislative research and education ...

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Your Credentialing Manager

Since 2007 Reliable Practice Consultants Corp. has tailored its services for your practice and your long term financial wellness. Whether you are a startup practice or a seasoned facility, credentialing is a crucial element for your medial practice. Credentialing is complicated and can be a painstaking process.

Reliable Practice Consultants Corp. medical credentialing specialists want to relieve you of that headache! We provide a service to help you get set up quickly, accurately, as well as maintaining your credentials so your business can maximize the number of potential insurers.

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Improve Billing Efficiency
Billing Efficiency
Increase Your Profitability up to 75%
Increase Your Profitability up to 75%
Decrease Operating Costs
Decrease Operating
CPC's On-site(Certified Prof. Coders)
CPC's Certified Professional Coders
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Improve Billing Efficiency

Our mission at Reliable Practice Consultants is to provide financial wellness for y our medical practice. Our vision is to be a strategic partner that delivers results. Our partners include AAPC, Office Ally, TriZetto/Gateway, eMD's, eClincialWorks, Medisoft ...

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Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management

Reliable was launched in 2007 to help with: Full Service Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Management Consultation on the ever-changing healthcare industry WebPT, Practice Fusion, Dr. Chrono ...

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Benefits you receive with Reliable Practice Consultants

Benefits you receive with Reliable Practice Consultants: Daily electronic submissions. Payment within 14 business days on average with e-claims insurers. Professional follow-up on all claims ...

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